Online Store - A Crucial Tool for Online Sales. Make Sure It's Accessible, Responsive, and Tailored to Your Customers' Needs

We create online stores and e-commerce platforms that are adapted to the changing dynamics of the online market and are maximally optimized for sales.

Trust our team experienced in e-commerce to create a store with us that will not only sell but also stand out from the competition.

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User friendly solutions

The traditional approach to store building no longer meets the expectations of today’s consumers. That’s why we offer solutions that enable easy access to your products and services.

Our online stores are designed to attract, engage, and build a loyal base of returning customers.

Why Do Online Stores Require a Specialist Approach?

In the e-commerce environment, creating an intuitive shopping experience that encourages users to make a purchase is crucial. Our strategies are based on analyzing consumer behavior and the latest trends in UX/UI design, which helps increase sales and customer loyalty.

At WebTrend, we’ve developed our own process for creating online stores, ensuring high conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Our Online Store Creation Process Looks Like This:


Needs Analysis

We start every project with a thorough understanding of your needs and the specifics of the industry you operate in. Our initial steps are not just about analyzing your expectations for the future website but also include a detailed market study and a close look at what your competitors are doing. Through this process, from the very first moments of our cooperation, we invest our hearts in fully understanding your field and empathizing with your customers’ needs. This approach allows us to shape an optimal purchase path that maximizes the number of transactions, encouraging as many users as possible to make purchases.

We believe the success of your online store starts here – with the ability to listen and a genuine commitment to achieving your goals.


UX Store Design

At the heart of every successful online store lies thoughtful UX design, which is the foundation upon which the entire e-commerce strategy is built. Once we’ve set the strategic path for your project, our UX experts take the baton to shape this path into something that will delight users and make shopping in your store a real pleasure.

With special attention to detail, we’ll design the structure of your online store. Our goal? To create an intuitive, inviting, and above all, effective environment where every element is exactly where users expect it to be. In this process, we rely on proven methods and best industry practices, but we’re also open to innovations that can bring new quality to your store.


Visual Identity

After defining the UX strategy, the next step is to create a unique visual identity and develop an individual template for your online store. This stage is crucial because the visual identity is the first element your customers interact with. Our design team immerses itself in the values and mission of your brand to translate them into a memorable design.

Creating a visual identity for the site is a process where we combine creativity with technological precision. We use modern design tools to ensure the site’s design is responsive and optimized for various devices, from desktops to smartphones. Our goal is for the visual identity and site structure to create a cohesive and attractive image of your online store that not only captures customer attention but also builds their trust and loyalty to the brand


Development Work

Once the visual identity and structure of your online store are ready, we begin the crucial stage of development work. This is when our team of developers steps in, transforming the graphic design into a functional and efficient e-commerce platform. The development work is the foundation on which we build a solid, secure, and fast shopping environment, ensuring users a smooth navigation and hassle-free shopping experience.

The WebTrend development team ensures the technical aspect of your store is perfected. From page responsiveness, integration with payment systems and resource management, to security against cyber threats – everything is planned and executed with the optimization of business processes and the best possible performance in mind.

In the development process, we also place a great emphasis on SEO, to make your store visible and easily found by potential customers in search engines. We optimize code, structure, and content to meet current SEO requirements, crucial for increasing organic traffic and improving search result rankings.


Support at Every Stage

Our team provides full support and technical advice at every stage of the project. We’re here to answer your questions, dispel doubts, and help choose the best technological solutions that will support the growth of your online store.

Thanks to our experience and commitment to the project, you can be sure that the final product will not only meet your expectations but also set new standards in the e-commerce industry.

Why Choose to Create Your Website with WebTrend?

Professional advice and an individual approach to each project

Application of modern technologies and trends in website design

Focus on the user and their expectations

Comprehensive service – from concept to post-launch support

Strong SEO foundations ensuring visibility in search engines

Transparency of the process and clear communication at every stage of cooperation

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